I have worked with Crane Solution and Peter Lightfoot for many years and have found him and his company to be dedicated providers of solutions to the manufacturing industry. Their honest, forth-right and sincere approach is refreshing in today's fast paced world of industry. The new adage of "Customer Focus" has been the norm for Peter and his team for the 20 years I have worked with them. There is no job too small or too awkward for the Crane Solutions team with projects completed in an efficient manner with as little disturbance as possible. Crane Solutions is a family owned company, who have at there core traditional values of providing a service that meets the clients needs and delivers that service on time and on budget.

Regards Dr. Graeme Studdert

Director Principal Mechanical Engineer DBA. MBA. EngExec.

I approached Crane Solutions because I knew of other people in the building industry who had used them.

Crane Solutions helped me by providing me with immediate verbal feedback and a comprehensive written report on the status of our crane and the repairs and/or maintenance which were performed.

The result was I felt confident that our overhead crane was safe for our employees

One thing I liked was their friendly approach and fast service which meant minimal disruption to workshop production.

I would recommend Crane Solutions to people who need repairs and/or maintenance to their crane.

Adam Henson

BRH Steel Construction - Riverstone

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